New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival


Congo Square Serigraph

Artist George Hunt was selected to paint the image for the 2005 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival's Congo Square poster.  The Festival wanted to create a tribute to Clarence Gatemouth Brown, the iconic country blues entertainer who spent a lot of time in and around New Orleans.  George Hunt studied dozens and dozens of photographs of Gatemouth taken over the years and used bits and pieces for inspiration as he painted a relaxed Gatemouth sitting on a stool in a stark landscape that includes several icons from the entertainer's life.


The painting, with collage, is a bold in-your-face representation of Gatemouth playing an old Fender Jazzmaster guitar, fiddle leaning against the stool.


George Hunt and Gatemouth together unveiled the original painting at a reception in the prestigeous Ogden Museum in New Orleans.


George Hunt has long been recognized as one of the top artists in the South and has also gained a national reputation through touring exhibits and shows from Seattle to New York...and Chicago to New Orleans.  His first love is Blues Music which finds its way in to most of his painting.  But George Hunt also creates incredible images about Civil Rights, African beauty and the rich history of African-Americans in the South.  George Hunt paints with color and feeling.



Limited Edition • Artist Proofs

Numbered & Double Signed by

George Hunt & Gatemouth Brown


16 color serigraph on heavy acid free paper

Image size: 23 x 30 on 30 x 38 sheet




To order call:  901.335.8841






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