Miss Spirit of Cotton   30 x 40                         Cotton Queen   30 x 40 SOLD

Guitar Man # 9     24 x 30

Jack of Spades    24 x 30 SOLD

Georgia Girl   18 x 24 SOLD

Aunt Sally's Dream Book  30 x 40

Sizes are approximate.

Inventory subject to prior

sale.  Some paintings are



Madam Sadie's Blues  # 3    28 x 36

Blues Lover 30 x 40

Old Wolf   24 x 24

Guitar Man # 11     18 x 24

Crown & Cross    18 x 24--SOLD

ShineLand    26 x 38

Wrote Me A Letter   30 x 40

Artist George Hunt has long been recognized as one of the top artists in the South and has also gained a national reputation through touring exhibits and shows from Seattle to New York...and Chicago to New Orleans.  His first love is Blues Music which finds its way in to most of his painting.  But George Hunt also creates incredible images about Civil Rights, African beauty and the rich history of African-Americans in the South.  George Hunt paints with color and feeling.

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