I AM A MAN......No. 1

I AM A MAN......No. 2


Hand Pulled Serigraphs

on heavy acid-free rag paper

Limited editions...size varies

I AM A MAN....No. 1             23 x 34


This edition of 289 serigraphs by artist George Hunt is sold out, but we offer "resales" for collectors on a regular basis.  The market price for these has risen to around $7,000. We currently have one serigraph, AP, in good condition, high-end custom framed.....$ SOLD


I AM A MAN....No. 2             24 x 50


This edition of 199 serigraphs by artist George Hunt is in stock .  We currently have five  serigraphs available for sale .....$2700.


I AM A MAN....No. 3             27 X 43


This edition of 185 serigraphs by artist George Hunt is also available from several galleries.  We currently have eight  serigraphs available for sale .....$1850.


I AM A MAN......No. 3

Artist George Hunt has long been recognized as one of the top Civil Rights artists in the South and has gained a national reputation with the I AM A MAN series along with the US Postage Stamp image:  America Cares/Little Rock Nine.


The three George Hunt I AM A MAN serigraphs have been some of the most popular images that he has painted. Each of the editions is technically sold out from the publisher, but a few galleries around the county have small inventories of I AM A MAN 2 and I AM A MAN 3.


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